It's been a very long time... we've succumbed to the easiness of Instagram & forgotten about our little blog, and it has been rather neglected... so here's another attempt to rekindle our Rosehip blog...

we've had so many apples this year, a real treat as it's our last Autumn here at 'Oakapples' so there has been lots of Apple related baking/eating/juicing!

Pears too!

We have just received our lovely containers filled with Nutmeg & Cinnamon Wax, the smell is heavenly! We have lots of different sizes, shapes & styles. Available to buy online and lots more to choose from at the shop too.

Farine Ceramic Jar with Nutmeg & Cinnamon Wax Candle

the cutest cider cup with nutmeg & cinnamon candle

beautiful french plate with posy design

at the shop, dresser painted by us... lovely scrubbed blues & whites.

love the whites against the blue, and textures of the coral & enamel teapot

We have just returned from our last buying trip of the year, with lots of new finds from France & special pieces for Christmas soon to be arriving at the shop...

find us on instagram @rosehipinthecountry 

for pictures of the shop & items for sale