A Summer evening walk...

We’ve been walking later this week in the hope that it might be a little cooler, and to catch the beautiful sunsets, the paths are dry and starting to crack, and the golden fields of corn and barley are ready to be cut.

We walked through the village through to the nature conservation area which is really overgrown at the moment but it is quite lush with lots of green plants including ferns and then sprays of white from the wild carrot flowers. Lots of insects, moths and butterflies flickering at the feathery tops of the grasses and flower heads too especially as we walk through the covered paths and disturb them.

Coming to a forked track we take a right and walk around one corn field to a path in the middle of it and head to a gap in the hedge which covers a lovely old wooden ‘bridge’ into the next field.

This is one of our favourite spots, its another path cleared through a corn field but about a third of the way in is a very old oak tree, I love walking here anytime of the year, I have so many pictures of this tree in all seasons, there is just something about it!

We carry along through the corn and come to another wood ‘bridge’ to a grassy path along the hedgerow, this is the perfect place to pick sloe berries come October time, at the moment it too is overgrown with brambles and bindweed so a bit of a challenge to get through without any scratches.

This path comes to the road, and opposite is is an old orchard with a victorian red brick house and outbuildings, which have started to be pulled down and cleared. It seems like the perfect spot, and under the apple trees are two geese, I tried to get a picture but it was too tricky & not very subtle either!

Coming to the end of the loop we walk home along the road, stopping by a house selling home grown raspberries (yes please!) and trying not to eat them before we get back.


Bonnie & the Tree

enjoy the Summer ! K x